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Recent Episodes

Pediatric Dental Practice in Houston, TX
Guest: Thomas Allen, CEO & Founder of Practice Real Estate Group and Practice Transition Group
Topics: Healthcare Real Estate, Healthcare Operations, Dental Practice
Mark Cohen (RTS #45)
Guest: Mark Cohen, Director of Retail Studies and Professor of Retail at Columbia University
Edgar Blazona (RTS #44)
Guest: Edgar Blazona, Founder and President of BenchMade Modern
Topic: Factory owned, DTC brand, Marketing, Physical Retail
Top 5 Retail Real Estate Trends with Karly Iacono
Guest: Karly Iacono
Topic: Top 5 Retail Real Estate Tends
AutoZone in Lexington, KY with Chris Ressa
Guest: Chris Ressa
Topics: Deal Relationships, Navigating COVID-19, Recently Opened.
3 DTC Business Model Trends (RTS #43)
Guest: Daniel McCarthy, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory University & the Director & Co-founder of Theta
Topics: Marketing, Unit Economics, Analytics, DTC brands, Business Models.

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