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Recent Episodes

What's In Store with Karly and Chris (Vegas Edition)
Guest: Karly Iacono
Topic: Trends for ICSC RECon 2022
LIVE from Vegas! with Jason Mallette
Guest: Jason Mallette, Sr. Real Estate Manager at Cracker Barrel/Maple Street Biscuit Company
Topics: Cracker Barrel, Maple Street Biscuit Company, Vegas ICSC 2022
Talking Shop with Anthony Scandariato
Guest: Anthony Scandariato, Co-founder & Managing Principal of Red Knight Properties
Topics: Multi-Family Investing, Market Rent to Lease, Property Management
Barbell Apparel in Summerlin, NV
Guest: Linda Johansen-James, Founder of the International Retail Group
Topics: DTC Brands, Automated Retail, Pop-up Retail
Feat Clothing in Santa Monica, CA
Guest: Taylor Offer
Topic: Digital brand opens its first offline location
Spinnaker Restaurant & Inn in Cape Cod, MA
Guest: Andrea DeSimone, Co-owner of Spinnaker Restaurant & Inn
Topics: Operational Mobility, Customer Service, Restaurant Ownership

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