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Recent Episodes

Launch Trampoline Park in Warwick, RI with Rob Arnold
Guest: Rob Arnold, Co-Owner & CEO of Launch Franchising
Topics: Entrepreneurship, new lanes of entertainment, re-opening
Cost Segregation Expert, Yonah Weiss
Guest: Yonah Weiss, Business Director and National Cost Segregation Leader at Madison SPECS
Topics: Cost Segregation
(Real Talk Series 5) Zach Lones
Guest: Zach Lones, Director of Social Media Marketing at Wal-Mart
Topics: Social media, marketing, personal career journey
Denver Bouldering Club in Thornton, CO with Caleb Krumsieg
Guest: Caleb Krumsieg, Director of Leasing at Dunton Commercial LLC
Topics: Creating.a destination for consumers, merchandising mix, tenant relationships
CVS is Peekskill, NY with Adam Ifshin
Guest: Adam Ifshin, Founder & CEO of DLC Management Corp.
Topics: Entrepreneurship, leadership, post-COVID predictions
(Real Talk Series 4) Dana Telsey
Guest: Dana Telsey, CEO at Telsey Advisory Group
Topics: Retail landscape, future of retail real estate
Ashbrook Marketplace in Loudon County, VA with Diana Shipley
Guest: Diana Shipley, VP of Leasing at Saul Centers, Inc.
Topics: Shopping centers, development, 100% leased in under a year

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