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Recent Episodes

Purple Pop-Up Stores with Melissa Gonzalez
Guest: Melissa Gonzalez, Retail Strategist and CEO of The Lionesque Group
Topics: Pop-Ups, Direct to Consumer Brands, Consumer Convenience
Massage Envy in Lake Success, NY with Jayson Siano
Guest: Jayson Siano, CEO of SABRE Real Estate, Founder of b.creative and FitWell Advisors
Topics: Patience, entrepreneurship, leadership, differentiating your business
Howard and Phil’s Western Wear in Pasadena, CA with Bob Phibbs
Guest: Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, Top Retail Influencer
Topics: Business strategies, customer service, marketing, emotional brand connections
(Real Talk Series 1) Steve Dennis
Guest: Steve Dennis, Top Retail Influencer
Topics: Digital disruption, retail strategy, curating the customer experience
Bealls Outlet in Bradenton, FL with Wade Laufenberg
Guest: Wade Laufenberg, VP of Real Estate at Beall’s Retail Group
Topics: Sublease, finding the perfect new location, development, combo store
Salsa Fresca in Bedford Hills, NY with Seth Hirschel
Guest: Seth Hirschel, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer at Salsa Fresca
Topics: Building a company, growth, QSR, development
CanesWear in Davie, FL with Beth Azor
Guest: Beth Azor, The Canvassing Queen, CRE Leasing Coach, Developer & Investor
Topics: Small business owner, spotting potential, motivating tenants

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