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Recent Episodes

Starbucks in Netwon, CT with Kevin Solli
Guest: Kevin Solli, Founder and Principal Engineer of Solli Engineering
Topics: Engineering, development, complex deal making
Ali Wolf (RTS 16)
Guest: Ali Wolf, Chief Economist for Meyers Research
Topics: Economics, housing market, data analytics
AMC Theatre in Carbondale, IL with Stephanie Baldwin
Guest: Stephanie Baldwin
Topics: Movie theatre business, future of AMC Theartres
Taco Mac in Charolette, NC with Adam Williams
Guest: Adam Williams, Partner at Legacy Real Estate Advisors and host of Retail Redeveloped
Topics: Unexpected opportunities, career, commercial real estate business
udi Fox (RTS 15)
Guest: Judi Fox, LinkedIn Business Accelerator
Topics: LinkedIn, social media, growing your personal brand
CVS in Hamden, CT with Andrew Callahan
Guest: Andrew Callahan, Co-Owner at Venture Retail Partners
Topics: Deal timing, persistence, understanding the deal making process
Mattress Warehouse in Woodbridge, VA with Bill Papettas and Tracy Jones
Guest: Bill Papettas, Tracy Jones
Topics: Clean shop promise, reopening 283 stores

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