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Recent Episodes

Brittain Ladd (RTS #25)
Guest: Brittain Ladd, Chief Supply Chain Officer at PULSE Integration
Topics: Micro Fulfillment
Lovesac in Chicago, IL with Clary Groen
Guest: Clary Groen, VP of Real Estate at Lovesac
Topics: Lovesac Business, Strategic Expansion
(Real Talk Series #24) Simeon Siegel
Guest: Simeon Siegel, Managing Director, Senior Retaill and eCommerce Analyst at BMO Capital Markets
Topics: Retail, eCommerce, 2020
Listener Q & A #1
Guest: Chris Ressa, COO of DLC Management Corp.
Topics: Career Development, Retail, Commercial Real Estate, Leadership
One Paseo in San Diego, CA with Carrie Bobb
Guest: Carrie Bobb, Founder and CEO of Carrie Bobb & Co.
Topics: Unique Leasing Strategies
UNIQLO in Chicago, IL with Sanjiv Chadha
Guest: Sanjiv Chadha, President of NWS Architects/Chadha & Associates
Topics: Architecture, Chicago Market, Retail
Fleet Feet in Poughkeepsie, NY with Kim Caruso
Guest: Kim Caruso, Owner of Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie
Topics: Franchising, Pivoting Business Strategies, Surviving Through COVID-19

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