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Recent Episodes

HTeaO in Georgetown, TX
Guest: Brad Williamson, Executive VP of HTeaO
Topics: Retail Real Estate, QSR, Drive-Thrus
Porsche Driving Experience Center in Atlanta, GA
Guest: Ken Ashley, Executive Director at Cushman & Wakefield
Topics: Office Real Estate
Insomnia Cookies at Temple University, PA with Dave Lasus
Guest: Dave Lasus, CEO of Heart + Paw
Topics: Heart + Paw, Insomnia Cookies, Retail Real Estate
Pyscho Bunny in Tysons, VA with Drew Schaul
Guest: Drew Schaul, VP of CBRE
Topic: Pyscho Bunny, Brick and Mortar Retail
The Top 3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Facilities Maintenance Company with Ryan Dempsey (RTS #34)
Guest: Ryan Dempsey, Managing Partner at East End Group
Topic: Facilities Maintenance
Busy Beaver Center in Calcutta, OH with Joe Kallen
Guest: Joseph Kallen, CEO of Busy Beaver Centers Inc.
Topics: Retailers, Inventory, Last Mile Distribution, Franchise
5 Things People Don't Know About Solar (RTS #33)
Guests: Bluesky Utility
Topic: Solar, Retail Real Estate, Energy

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